Halloween Woodcrafts 2

***Decorative Woodcrafts***
will have a 2 week lead time from the time the order is recieved until the item is shipped.
This applies ***ONLY*** to the decorative, painted woodcrafts
on the site as these take a lot of extra time that
*unfinished or stained * items simply do not take.
So please keep this in mind when placing your order.

The following Halloween Hangers can be used for decorations or
they can be used for actual hangers for childrens clothes.
Each hanger has Glow in the Dark Eyes.
Some hangers have other glow in the dark features as well.

Scary Cat Hanger
Cost - 12.00

Ghost Hanger
Cost - 12.00

Pumpkin Hanger
Cost - 12.00

Bat Hanger
Cost - 12.00

Scarecrow Hanger
Cost - 12.00

Skull Hanger
Cost - 12.00

We mix and match the Hangers all the time to create sets of 3. Below is an example.
You can mix and match a set however you wish. What do you want you set of 3 to be?
Just choose Item #HANGERSET3 and put your choices in the Special Request box of the shopping cart.

Halloween Hanger Set 1
Cost - 36.00

Halloween Hanger Set 2
Cost - 36.00

Hanger Set 3
Your choice of 3
Enter you choices in the "special requests box" in the shopping cart
Cost - 36.00


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