Wooden Displays 3

Wooden Soap Molds

Wooden Candle Holders

Wood Bases

Wooden Displays for Bath & Body

Wooden Crates

Wooden Soap Dishes

Soap, Candle & Spice Displays

Paper Towel Holders

Paper Plate Holders

Wooden Display Stands
for many different products.
Bath and Body Products, Candles,
Soaps, Spices and more.
Below are many examples of
how you can use these displays.

~~~~ ~~~~

The above displays can be customized in any way you wish. They can be left the way they are or they can have holes put in them for your items to fit down inside, such as your lip balms and bath salt tubes, candles etc.

The measurements on this display are as follows-
Bottom Shelf = 9" wide x 9 - 1/2" deep
Middle Shelf = 9" wide x 6 - 5/8" deep
Top Shelf = 9" wide x 4" deep

Other sizes can be customized upon request.

Our newest displays for Soaps, Candles, Bath & Body, Spices and More!

Flat Display Box
Interior Dimensions are ~ app 13 wide x 10 depth x 10-1/2 height

Flat Display Box with Shelf
Interior Dimensions are
Bottom ~ app 13 wide x 10 depth x 13-3/8 height
Top ~ 12 wide x 4 depth

Dimensions MAY vary slightly but not enough to make any difference. Example being 13 inch interior may be 13-1/8 or 12-3/4. Each display is made individually and may vary ever so "slightly" :)

Wooden Display Stands with sign attached for logo, picture, etc.
Below are many examples of how you can use these displays.

Small Display Stand with Sign

Height = 11-1/2 inches
Height between shelves = 4-1/2 inches
Front to Back = 6 inches
Across Side to Side = 8 inches
Sizes ARE approximate and may vary slightly.

Small Displays with Raised Back

8-1/2 wide (almost) x 6 inches high x 4-1/4 deep

New Items

Wood Soap Molds

Wood Crates

Wooden Soap Dishes

Wood Tealight Candle Holders

Unfinished Wood Plaques & Bases

Wood Displays for Bath & Body

Bath & Body Displays pg 2

Wood Display Stands
Wooden Display Stands for Soap, Candles and Bath & Body, Spices and More

Lip Balm Tube Displays
Lip Shaped, Towers, State Shapes and more

Witches, Vampires, Ghosts, Scarecrows, Creepy Hand & more

Thanksgiving & Fall

Santa, Gingerbread Man, Mrs. Claus, The Grinch, Snowmen, & more

Wooden Layered Animals
Bulldogs, Giraffe, Squirrel, Chipmunk, Frog & more

Paper Towel Holders
Santa, Gingerbread Man, Mrs. Claus, The Grinch, Snowmen, Cat, Doughboy, Cornucopia & more

Paper Plate Holders
Sunflower, Magnolia, Gingerbread Man, Doughboy, Snowman & more

Wooden Christmas Ornaments
Angel, Snowman, Sleigh, Riendeer, Gingerbread Man, Christmas Tree

Woodcrafts of the Month

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PAGE 4 - Smaller Display Stands with Primitive Signs for Soaps, Bath & Body, Spices and More

Displays can be customized
in any way you wish. These can
be made to fit any size container you need.
By Default all items listed as "Stained"
will be stained Golden Oak
You can choose another stain color by
looking at the "swatch" colors below
and then putting your color choice in
the "Special Requests" section in the cart

Displays are stained
after your order is placed.

There are some stains that take
longer than others to dry
Especially in the cooler damper
months of the year.
Red Mahogany, Red Oak and Walnut
are very thick and sticky stains.
Please be aware of this when
you choose these colors.

Stain Swatches
~Colonial Maple
~Red Mahogany
~Golden Pecan
~Golden Oak

Check back often for new designs

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